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If you think someone is at immediate risk of harm please contact the Police by dialling 999.

At Hope Family Church we believe that Safeguarding is of the upmost importance. Church should be a place where everyone is safe, and we will do our best to help make our churches safer.

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and so we need to be vigilant and aware for signs of harm and abuse, offering a safe space and listening ear to anybody who may be concerned. If something just feels 'off' to you, then please consider speaking to someone about safeguarding - it will never be considered a waste of time. 

Safeguarding is ultimately about caring for one another and loving each other the way that God calls us to, and so we believe that we are all called to play our own part in safeguarding across our churches. 

Speak to Someone

To make a safeguarding disclosure or speak to someone about safeguarding, you can contact any of the following people, from either our churches or our diocese:

Rev'd Gavin Rushton

Priest in Charge

Phone: 0191 431 2568

Grace Sidney

Parish Safeguarding Officer - Washington

Phone: 07946 541 615

Debbie Finkel

Parish Safeguarding Officer - New Seaham

Phone: 0191 431 2568

Beth Miller

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor

Phone: 07968 034 075

More Information

Find out more about Safeguarding

Our Church's Safeguarding Policies can be found here:

The Church of England's Safeguarding Policies are available here:

You can also find out more about Safeguarding through the following websites:

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