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Our Vision

Family for Everyone

At Hope Family Church we believe that we are all children of God and part of His big family. God’s desire is for everyone to trust, love and know Him, as a Father.  We believe this is how we're designed to be.  Jesus showed us what is life with God is like and it is through faith in him that we get to enjoy this relationship with the Father who loves us so much.

Sharing Hope

We are people of hope - we believe that hope is transformative, transforming us on a personal level, transforming our communities, and transforming our society as a whole.  We get to share that hope with everyone around us.  Our hope is rooted in Jesus, in who he says we are, and who he says we can be.  Because of what Jesus has done for us and in us, we believe that everyone gets to live their best life now because of Jesus’ promise to bring life to the full. We believe that this transformative hope can only be found in Jesus and through Jesus.

Following Jesus

We are a family who put their faith into action and try to be like Jesus. We try to imitate Jesus in how he interacted with people showing compassion, mercy and honour to everyone. Furthermore, we believe that Jesus wants people to experience his kingdom and so we pray for the world, both near and far, and expect the miraculous to happen everyday.

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