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oxclose church online

We recently launched an online church campus in Facebook Groups called Oxclose Church Online where we want to be a real church family who meet together and support each other through Facebook.

why oxclose church online?

We get it - sometimes it's not easy to make it to Church in-person. Whether that's because you're new to faith and turning up in-person is a bit daunting, or it's just easier for you to do Church Online (because who enjoys getting all the kids ready on a Sunday morning?!).

For whatever reason, more people than ever are looking for Church Online. But that's about more than just streaming our Sunday service because Church is about people.

We want to be an online family who loves and supports each other as we explore faith together. And we believe that God can work through social media.

So come and join us!


what is oxclose church online?

We are a Church that only meets online.

More practically, our online campus is run in Facebook Groups. There are a whole bunch of things that you can do in Groups that you can't do on a normal Facebook page. For example, we can live chat together in Rooms, or take courses together in Guides. Facebook Groups is geared towards connecting - it makes it easier for us to talk to each other about our lives and about faith. Facebook Groups is also private, meaning anything you share in the Group can only be seen by other members of the online family.

If you're not sure, there's an introductory guide when you join the group called "How to use Facebook Groups" to help you out.

We'd love for you to come and be part of the family. Come and join us!

who can join?

Anybody is welcome to come and join the online family at Oxclose Church Online. Whether you're new to faith and have a million questions, or you're an experienced Christian; it's part of what makes Oxclose Church "Family for Everyone".

We want to be loving and supportive of each other so don't be afraid to ask questions!

Come and join the family!


how do i join?

You can join Oxclose Church Online by following these steps:

  1. Go to Facebook or click here to skip to Step 3.

  2. Search for "Oxclose Church Online".

  3. Click "Join".

  4. Wait for us to confirm and let you in!

If you don't feel comfortable joining the Group yet but still want to see what we do on social media, you can follow our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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