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life groups

Find your new family and grow together, exploring faith whilst loving and supporting each other.

what are life groups?

Our Church is a community of small groups that we call Life Groups. As the name suggests, they're full of life and all about people going through life and faith together. They typically meet in somebody's home and are often attended by people at similar stages of life or with similar hobbies, interests, or experiences.

They are places of authenticity, relationships, and love. The ultimate goal is to reach the rest of the world with the Good News of Jesus and we do this by building relationships with each other, loving and supporting each other, and learning together about how God is a part of our lives. The idea is then that we reach out to our friends, families and communities to help them to meet with Jesus too.

Friends Eating Dinner


Get in touch for more information about joining a life group.


Join our Church Leader, Gav, at the vicarage every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Anybody is welcome!

Contact Gav for more details.

Women Holding Hands

Our women's life group meets every Friday at 1:30pm.

Contact Mel for more details.

tuesdays with gav

breathe (women's)

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